daniela  lasinger

Inspiration & Transformation

Portraitfoto Daniela - Photocredit @Beate Christ Fotografie.

Photocredit @Beate Christ Fotografie


Fühl dich wohl & komme zur Ruhe

Finde Entspannung, Inneren Frieden und Inspiration für eine zuversichtliche Einstellung nach einem nervenaufreibenden Tag.


Energetisierende Schwingungen, heilsame Geschichten und Meditationsreisen wiegen dich sanft in den Schlaf.

Happy Sleep - Hörbuch: Entspannung und Positive Vibes, die zu einem besseren Einschlafen führen.

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Looking For Dreamers FOR a world of happy faces
and co-creators of heart-warming spaces

Portrait: Daniela Lasinger. Photocredit @Beate Christ Fotografie.

Photocredit @Beate Christ Fotografie

Join the dream of a world of happy faces, connected with their  intuitive senses, listening to the inner voice and feeling empowerd from within.
knowing, that being grateful for every day - appreciate what we have - and beyond that: having the right to adjust what is no longer in alignment & level up, can be at the same time.
knowing the difference between being tolerant and friendly in an authentic way and when it is time to set clear boundaries.
a world of happy faces, because they are truly connected to themselfes and to each other.
A world of happy faces, because they can fully express themselfes.
appreciation for animals and mother nature.